About us

    Our traditional and historic "Restaurant zum Hutzelwald" is     situated on the foot of the Heidelberger Hutzelwald, in the     quiet but central Weststadt.

    In the premises "Nadlerstube", "Weinstube" and     "Konferenzraum" our skilled and multilingual labour is able     to attend upon 145 guests at the same time.

    While selecting your menues our chef will advise you     willingly.
    Furthermore we have two full-automatically skittle alleys
    for skittle players.

    The entertainment of larger international tourist parties has     a long tradition in our house and is tagged by our hospitality     and the good
old german kitchen.

                Unser Restaurant ist täglich ab 10.00 Uhr
                          durchgehend für Sie geöffnet.
                                    - kein Ruhetag -